Say It Like It’s Already Here To Get It Faster


Affirmations can be very powerful.  People have believed in the power of affirmations for a very long time and there is considerable study of affirmations and the law of attraction.  Affirmations can work.

An affirmation is a statement.  It takes our intentions one step further.  So if we intend to meditate for more peace in our lives, our affirmation could be, “I am peaceful and meditate often.”  An affirmation states something as if it has already happened.  If our intention is to be successful in our work, our affirmation could be, “I am successful in my work.”  As if it is already here.

What is your intention for today?  Make an affirmation from it and write it down.  Look at it through the day.  Say it several times.  The more we focus on our affirmations, the faster we see them become reality.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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