Here’s Something Meaningful To Do On Memorial Day Weekend


In the United States, it’s Memorial Day weekend.  People put flowers on graves, especially military graves, as a way to remember and recognize loved ones who have passed on through this life.

When I was a kid, my grandparents would get up early and cut iris and peonies from the yard.  They would fill up water jugs and take glass jars as vases.  It was a tradition and rain or sun, it happened.

We went to four different cemeteries and left flowers at a couple dozen graves.  With each bouquet, there were stories about the people – nice, sometimes funny – sometimes sad stories.  It was a brilliant way to teach me about my own history.  It was also a great lesson in the continuance of life.  These people still lived through us.

I still do this.  I miss some years on the exact day, but I still make the effort and am always glad I did.

If it has been awhile for you – or if you have never decorated graves, I highly recommend it.  Life is ever so short and it’s a great reminder of that – and of the people who have come before us.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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