It’s easy to get overwhelmed by our stuff.  Most of us have a lot of stuff.  We collect it in many ways and most of it has some emotional significance to it for us – so it can be challenging to get rid of it.  But our stuff can weigh us down after awhile.

If you don’t use something, it’s okay to give it to someone who might use it.  If you have something packed away for more than a year – you probably don’t need it.  It can feel freeing to get rid of things we don’t use or have never used.

If it has an emotional significance, but you don’t use it or display it – take a photo of it.  Take a photo of all the things like that and put the photos in an album – online or a real photo album.  This way you can remember the things, but not have to deal with them.  Then you can pass it along to someone who will love it, use it and display it.

Having too much stuff can feel overwhelming.  We can begin to pare down and feel lighter whenever we are ready.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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