How To Participate In National Trails Day

Saturday, June 4th is National Trails Day.  It’s a celebration of our national hiking trails.  If you haven’t hiked in awhile, or never – there’s some things to know.

There are all kinds of hiking trails.  When we think of hiking, we often think about rocky crags and climbing over things – or long, long hikes way back in the woods.  But there are hiking trails for every age and speed.  There are even wooden walkways or boardwalks for people who use wheelchairs and other walking apparatus.

Hiking trails are of all different lengths and difficulties.  Many parks have brochures on their hiking trails with maps and descriptions of the trails.  A lot of this information is online too.  You can find a trail that is just right for you with a little research.

Don’t forget to wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothes.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.  And take water to drink with you.  Even on the short hikes, it’s important to hydrate.

Mostly, remember to savor the moments and to be present with all of your senses.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. EXCELLENT reminder for all of us, thanks. I didn’t know there was such a day, but for one who spends a lot of time in the woods, I’ll definitely be back out there again this weekend. best place to listen to yourself, reconnect to life energy, feel joy and awe, see such beauty, and breathe such clean air. it’s great! have fun and happy trails to all of you! momentummikey 🙂


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