How To Meditate

I get a lot of questions about meditation.  Many people say they don’t know how.  It’s really very simple.  And there are many benefits to meditating that can actually change your whole life.

Meditation can help lower our blood pressure and make us more healthy in general.  Meditation can help us make better, clearer decisions every day.  Meditation can add peace into our lives.  Meditation lowers our stress and the tension in our bodies.  The benefits are of meditation so big that there are too many to list here.

Meditation might not feel “normal” or natural at first.  Just keep trying.  Give it a week or two, then make a decision about adding meditation as a healthy habit every day.  15 minutes of meditation can change a lot of things.

1. Get comfortable.  You don’t have to sit on the floor and you don’t have to cross your legs.  Just get comfortable.  Whatever that means for you.  Keep your spine straight.

2. Start to take deep, slow breaths and relax your body.  Relax your muscles from your head to your toes.  Take as much or as little time as you need to relax your body.

3. Keep breathing consciously while you relax your mind.  Let all your worries, cares, concerns, plans –  all just fall away.  Keep bringing your awareness back to your breath.  Just keep breathing deeply and slowly.  Just keep focusing on your breath.

4. Now sit with yourself like this for awhile:  Aware of your breath, letting everything go, staying relaxed.  As you practice, it will get easier to relax both your body and your mind.

5. When you are ready to stop meditating, start to move your toes and fingers first.  Stretch out all of your muscles and slowly open your eyes.  Take one last deep breath and let it go.

Some people like music in the background for meditation.  If you try this, use instrumental music with no words to distract you.  Some people enjoy guided meditations – and you can find plenty of those on or you can use the one I made:

It is important to be patient with yourself and to continue to practice.  Meditation has wonderful benefits for everyone.


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