It is easy to get distracted.  There is a lot going on.  All over the place.  Globally, nationally, locally and in our own backyards – things are happening all the time.  Things we judge to be “bad” and things we judge to be “good.”  There is a lot going on.  It is easy to focus in on what is happening around us rather than what is happening inside of us.

The real action is happening inside of us.  That is what we have to work with and that is under our control.  When we distract ourselves with what is going on around us, we ignore our hearts and our spirits.  When we open up our minds and our hearts, we can see all of our possibilities – our endless possibilities.  And from there we can make real change.

Stay in touch with yourself.  Listen to your heart.  Take action to change things when you don’t enjoy what you see.  When you stay open, you will not get in your own way.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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