When we find our lives cluttered and busy, we can take the time to clean them out and make room for something new.  Something more peaceful, something more enjoyable.

Literally take the time to clean out something.  It can be a drawer, a box, a room or a whole house.  Whatever you choose.  Take the time to sort through and box up the things you no longer want.  The things you no longer need.  Sell them or give them away, but get rid of them.  Make room for something new – if you would like.

The very same goes for our thoughts.  Catch yourself through your day and see what it is that you are saying to yourself.  If you find any old, outdated, or no longer useful ideas – let them go.  Our thoughts are our own and we have control over them.  We can clean out the old, unhelpful thoughts and make room for some fresh, helpful, happy thoughts.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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