What is keeping us from living the life we dream of?  The big life that we really want to live.  Is it just too difficult?  Too challenging?  Are there too many obstacles in our way?

What reasons do we give ourselves for not being great?

If we are waiting until it is easy, we are going to be waiting a very long time.  If we are waiting until we are perfect – well, there is no such thing – except we are already perfect just as we are.   If we are waiting until the conditions are prime – that is not going to happen either because the conditions are always prime to live our dreams.

We don’t have to question whether we can do something or not, we can just give it a try.  We can ask questions and learn and then give it a go.  It can be that simple to live our dreams.

We can make the choice to just go ahead and live our dreams.  To go ahead and take steps toward the life we really want.  It is not too difficult to live our dreams.  Try taking a step today.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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