What have we put on the back burner, waiting for the optimal time to start? What do we really want to do that we have not started yet?  What are we waiting for?

The hardest part is often just getting started.  Once we get started, the momentum of the task will usually set in motion and flow on through our lives.  But until we get started, we are just waiting.  And every thing we want to do (or feel that we need to do) that we do not start doing will be one more thing that holds our energy down.

We can try to analyze why we are not starting something we want to do until the end of time – or we can just get started on it.  We can come up with a million excuses for not starting what we want to do, or we can just do it.

If it is important to us, it is important – that’s how we can know for sure if something is worthy of starting.  If you want to do it, get started today.  It is an excellent way to free up a lot of great energy.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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