How can we be calm in the midst of chaos?  We know we cannot control the behavior of others.  People will act they way they act.  Situations can seem to be out of control.  Chaos and confusion are highly charged energies.  It is easy to buy into them.

We can take a big, deep breath.  We can step back and take ourselves out of the situation.  We can observe instead of reacting.  We can allow others to be who they are, experiencing what they are experiencing – without it affecting us.  Respect others, but step out of their chaos.  Find a place of peace within, where you fully understand that you have choices.  Where you know that you can choose to respond, rather than react.

I fully understand this does not come easy at first.  I find that daily meditation gives me a place I can refer to and go to in times of external chaos.  I find that taking a deep breath before I speak often helps me figure out that I really do not need to say anything at all.  I also find that taking a moment out, even if only in my mind, can remind me that I have a choice.  I can choose calm even when others would like me to choose chaos.

Be an observer today.  Just listen in.  Do not accept anyone’s chaos as your own.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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