Happily Ever After

Are you living in your happily ever after?  If you are, please continue to enjoy fully.

If you are not, why not?  Do you know what your happily ever after would look like?  If you were living in your dreams – what would that be like for you?  What would change in your life?

The first thing that we can do to live happily ever after is to embrace the places in which we find ourselves right here and now.  We can love the beauty around us.  We can stop waiting for your happiness to find us and we can go find it now.

We can figure out what happiness means to each of us, individually.  We can focus there – creating it in our minds first.  What we think about and focus on becomes real in our lives.  Positive or negative.  It is our choice.

Let’s live in our happy endings.  Let’s close up all that past stuff that has kept us from living our dreams.  Let’s make some room for some happily ever after.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. ever wonder if someones thoughts are echoing so loud that someone can hear them? and answer them back in a way that makes them pause long enough to really hear what is echoing back?
    I enjoyed this..a little close to my moments but still…I enjoyed
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…


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