Just Another Play Day

Inspiration often comes when we relax.  Which means that play time can be valuable.  Play is important.  It nourishes and renews our spirit, mind and body.

First we have to discover what is play for us.  Many of us forget what play is as we grow into adults and get on with our busy lives.  We think play time is for kids – and it is – but it is for us too.  Even when no children are anywhere around.  It’s great for us.

Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child.  Try some new things.  Play time is unique for all of us.  Find what is fun to you and do it.  Inspiration can easily follow.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Yesterday I had a wish. I wished I could take a picture for an empty bench on the road, to sit on this bench and look at people silently so I can see more than what meets the eye. Today, in a complete coincidence, I have your picture and it has everything I’d say or tell. This picture is amazing, I love it very much. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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