Make Up A Mantra

A mantra is a statement.  Mantras are usually powerful statements or motivating statements.  They are repeated over and over.

We can use mantras to clear our heads or to inspire ourselves to movement and change.  We can also use mantras to comfort ourselves and to provide ourselves with peace in the midst of chaos.

I am peaceful and at ease

Because our lives, our spirits, our circumstances are so different and unique, we can make up our own mantras.  We can use these mantras in meditation or whenever we feel we need an extra boost of inspiration, motivation or peace.  We can use our mantras to clear our heads and reset our energy.

Make up a mantra for your own life today and repeat it as needed.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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  1. Dyan, you have a way of presenting material in a clear and concise manner. Always good for a reader, and appreciated by publishers!

    Thank you for visiting my site, and please do so anytime.

    Better Days…


  2. Very good mantra. I have used similar mantras, repeating them calmly, lying comfortably on my back, eyes closed. The focused repetitions are like meditation, they draw your attention away from the thoughts and things that bother you. Sometimes I even fall asleep in the process…


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