When we have a situation that is really uncomfortable in our lives, or when something happens that we really don’t like, often our first response is to find out who to blame.  When something doesn’t feel fair – who is to blame?

And we blame a lot of people.  We blame our parents, our spouses, our children, our bosses, our friends, the government – we even blame the Universe, fate, God.

But blame doesn’t help anyone.  It doesn’t help us to overcome the issue.  It doesn’t help others when we resent them because we blame them.  Blame keeps us in a cycle that never sees a resolution to the situation.

We can let go of the blame.  We can accept that a situation has happened – not that it is right or that we condone it, but just accept that it happened.  Then we can forgive.  Forgiveness sets us free from the cycle.  Forgiveness is the first step out of the situation.

Blame keeps us stuck.  Forgiveness moves us along.