You are right where you need to be right now.  Take a deep breath and let it go.  You are where you need to be.  Even if the place does not feel super comfy right now.  There is something you need here.  There is something the world needs from you here.

When we look back at our pasts we can see why things happened the way they did.  Well, at least most of the time – some things are just unexplainable.  But for most of our lives we can see a clear path behind us.  A path that was full of choices.  And those choices we made moved us into the place we find ourselves now.

When the place we find ourselves in is not comfortable, we can find some peace in knowing that our decisions brought us here.  That means that our decisions can take us to a more peaceful and loving place.  When we own the decisions we make, we can be much more effective in our own lives.

It is okay to be here right now.  This is where you need to be.  Take a deep breath and let it out.  If you are not happy here, think about the choices can you make differently now.