When we do not take care of ourselves – because we are too busy taking care of others – resentment can build up.  When we feel like everyone is demanding things of us….we can feel anger and frustration.  When we forget that we were the very people who choose this life – we can feel bitter.

Resentment is exhausting.  Recognize that your choices led you to this very place that you find yourself in right now.  You have agreed to do things for others in some way – by taking on the caretaker role, by having children, by working in a job for someone else.  That does not make it “right” for others to expect too much from you, but it was a choice you made that led you here.

And when we find that others are expecting too much from us, we can make different decisions – and find time to take care of ourselves.  Sometimes we have to get super creative, but there is always a different option.  Exhausting resentment or excellent self-care?  It’s a choice.