Are Your Roots Firmly Grounded?

Are our roots firmly planted?  Are we firmly grounded?  Do we have the life support we need?

When we do not feel grounded, we can feel like life can knock us over in times that we feel are challenging.

Being grounded in our moments creates clarity of mind for us to make decisions that follow our hearts.  Being grounded gives us balance, inner peace and calm to observe what happens around us and not be in reactive mode.  Being grounded can give us clarity about what we want and do not want in our lives.

How can we get grounded?  By not allowing things that happened in the past to affect us today.  By not worrying about what tomorrow holds.  Life happens in the moments.  We cannot change anything in the past or in the future, but we can make decisions right here, right now – that can lead to the change we would like to see in our lives.  This moment is where our power lives.  But our power is only present when we are present.

How can we best be present in our moments?  I have found meditation to be very helpful.  In meditation, we can create points of focus that we can tap into whenever we feel a little off balance.  Meditation gives us a grounding sense of inner calm that can support us, even in times we find challenging.  Meditation can also help us fully appreciate our moments, and that is what it is to be fully grounded.

How do we meditate?  I have made a short, guided meditation that you are welcome to use.  You can find it here: There are also many other great online meditations you can find.

Meditation helps us feel grounded.  If you are a beginner, please have patience with yourself.  Meditation does not come naturally to many of us. Stick with it.  It is worth the effort though to give yourself the gift of meditation every day.

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