Don’t know where you are headed?  Does your path just seem to disappear ahead?

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives.  Despite the best planning in the world, our futures can become uncertain.  We have no clue as to where we are going to go next.  What we will do next.  What will happen next.

Honestly, it feels very out of control – and that can be challenging for us.

When we have done everything we can think to do and we still cannot see our path ahead, we can relax.  It may seem ridiculous at first, but if there is nothing else we can do – take a breath.  Try some faith.

Somehow we have gotten this far.  We can remember that.  And we can take time to be grateful for all the things and people who have shown up for us….all of our blessings in this moment.  We can have faith that our path will be revealed to us as we continue to walk it.  It always has and it always will be.

There is a Divine, mysterious and powerful force at work in our lives.  Whatever we choose to call it.  We have always known it and experienced it.  And we can trust it – that is what faith is.  Faith is knowing deep inside that everything will be just fine.  In fact, it already is.  Just take a breath and take another step.