Got The Winter Blues?

Recently I read an online poll that asked people if they experienced the “winter blues.”  82% said, yes.  So it seems if you experience the “winter blues,” you are certainly not alone.

What makes us sad during the winter months?  Lack of sunlight, yes.  Our bodies crave and need the natural vitamins that the sun gives us.  Staying indoors more, yes.  We are more isolated and alone during the winter when it is more challenging to get out.

What can we do?

We can supplement our diet with vitamins C and D.  We can look for foods that have those vitamins in them – like oranges and potatoes.  (You can find lots of great online information on nutrition.)

We can get out and go where people are.  Social events, church/spiritual events, the library, the mall, the museum.  We can still bundle up and take walks in the cold, fresh air.  We can make phone calls to people we haven’t heard from in awhile.

We can be extra kind and considerate towards ourselves.  We can give ourselves moments to enjoy – a hot bath/shower, aromatherapy, a cup of hot cocoa or tea, dinner by candlelight.  Whatever we enjoy and feel pampered by.

We can also adjust our attitude.  We can find things to be grateful for even when it is cold and dark outside.  We can focus on those things and count our blessings.

I love to hear from you!

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