You Get To Do What You Want To Do

Our language can be harsh.  “I HAVE to get up and go to work.”  “I HAVE to take care of the kids.”  “I HAVE to run errands.”

The truth is we do not HAVE to do anything.  Yes, there are consequences to doing nothing, but it is a choice.  The truth is that we GET to do things.  We make the decision that we want these things in our lives, then we GET to do them.

When we feel like we HAVE to do something, we can often resist doing it.  We can grow to resent doing it.  When we feel like this, we can make different choices.  We can get a new job, do things in a different way, ask for help, develop a different plan.  Or just switch up our thinking.

We GET to go to work.  We GET to take care of the kids.  We GET to run errands.

What do you GET to do today?

I love to hear from you!

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