When our lives feel very stressful, instead of trying to fight it – we can choose to distract ourselves.  I do not mean to ignore it or to try to repress stress.  What I mean is when we feel stress, we often feel overwhelmed.  When there is nothing we can do about a stressful situation, we can take a break.  We can distract ourselves with an activity that we enjoy for awhile.

Stress builds and sometimes has a snowball effect.  It just gets bigger.  That is because we are focused on it.  Whatever we focus on shows up more in our lives.

Stress does have a place in life.  Stress can motivate us to action.  Stress can be a part of our solution.  But not when we let it overwhelm us.  Not when we hold onto it for too long.

Taking a break from stress can help us refocus.  When we step away from the stress, we can get a new perspective.  That can help us in finding what we really need to solve the problem behind the stress.

Take a break from the stress when there is nothing you can do about a situation.  Distract yourself with something you enjoy.  It is a great way to take care of yourself.