When You Don’t Know What To Do

We may not be able to change the circumstances of our lives at times, but we can always change the way we think about things.  This can give us great freedom and a sense of inner peace.  When a situation is challenging to you, ask yourself:  Is there any way I can change this?  If there is something you can do, by all mean, do it.  But if there is nothing you can do, you can always choose to think about it differently.

First, accept the situation for what it is.  Just accepting it will begin to change your view of it.  It is what it is – when you have no control over it.   Second, remember that this too shall pass.  What you are feeling and experiencing today will not last forever.  Everything changes and that is okay.

And last, remember that you are perfectly on your own path, learning what you need to learn – experiencing what you need to experience.  It’s all for a greater good.  Your greater good.  Especially when it really doesn’t feel like it.   Remember to take care of yourself in challenging times.  There is profound light and love within you always waiting to be tapped into.

Everyone is human.  No one is immune to life’s challenges.  Spread some kindness today and see what shows up.

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