When Will You Be Ready?

With all of the calendars out there – detailed lists and check off notes – we can get a lot done.  But with our dreams, those things we long to do more than anything, we put them off.  We somehow manage to take care of others, do our job (whatever it may be at the moment), and accomplish what we need to get done.  But we leave ourselves behind too often.

There can be a million reasons why we put off living our dreams.  Whatever the reasons are, they will get in our way until we are good and ready to change that.  They will be our obstacles until we realize that it is our choice – we can either start doing something about them, or not.

When we are ready to live our dreams we will lose all of the reasons we have invented and believed why we cannot.

And in the meantime we can have patience with ourselves.  We are doing the best we know how in this moment.  We will move on when we are ready.

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