There have been times in all of our lives when we truly did not enjoy the place we found ourselves in.  There have been times when we have felt that it would be impossible to love the place.  Times when we have felt restricted, hurt, or like it just is not fair.

It is okay to have all of our feelings.  They teach us something.  Maybe in this case they teach us about what we do not want to see in our lives.  Once we recognize that we are uncomfortable in the place, we can begin to make new choices.  We can make choices that lead us right to where we want to be.

However, staying there and continuing to complain about the place will not get us anywhere except more of the same.  When we realize that we are not comfortable and we fully embrace that feeling, then we can move on.

When we find all of the things we are grateful for about the place we are in – and there are always things to be grateful for – more things to be grateful for show up.  Simply because we are looking for them.  Gratitude teaches us about what we do want to see in our lives.  And once we know what we want, it is much easier to get there.