Wish Things Were Different?

We can ruin a perfectly good day by wishing things were different.  We wish the weather was different.  We wish people were acting differently.  We wish we were in a different place.

When we are unhappy, we are paying lots of attention to what we are unhappy about.  Whatever we pay attention to, we see more of.  The longer we choose to be unhappy, the more unhappiness we will see.

Instead of wishing things were different, we can change our attitude.  We can be open to what the day unfolds.  We can let things happen around us without being directly affected.  We can be observers and let go of trying to control the outcomes.  We can let go of trying to control other people.

When we let go and relax, we can be open to see the beauty around us.  Even when it is not exactly what we wish for.

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  1. thanks for the great reminder, to just let life be. I totally believe what you’re expressing here, and as I’ve let go of wishing other would do as I want, it’s been amazing. PEACE. hope you’re week is great and today is filled with Acceptance of what is. momentummikey 🙂

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