How Do You Finish Things?

How we finish something is important.

When it is a task to do – do we follow through?  Do we put our tools away at the end so we can find them the next time we need them?  Do we completely finish one thing before going on to the next?

We can have more inner peace when we follow through.  When we complete the task entirely we do not have to think about it again.  It clears the way for us to go on.

When it involves a relationship, it is great to finish up well too.  When someone goes out of their way for us, it is wonderful to say thank you in some way.  We complete the giving and receiving circle this way.

How we finish up can help us to have lots of inner peace.  It can also help us to move on with grace and ease when we choose to totally complete what we are doing.

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  1. Well I do finish what ever I start. I believe it is important to finish what ever you start doing as there is a very big satisfaction when you come to the end. Yes even in relationships/friendships, jobs, studies, work whatever there has to be what you call up tying up lose ends when ever you come to the end of that chapter !

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