There are two sides to every story.  If we love fall, we can see this photo as gorgeous.  It can make us feel happy.

But if we do not enjoy fall – maybe we do not enjoy raking the leaves or we do not appreciate the cooler weather – this photo can just feel annoying.

Things really depend on how we see them, how we feel them.  How we feel about something depends on our experiences with that thing.  We take our feelings with us and use them to interpret all the things and situations we encounter.

When we learn to see the beauty and love in every situation, it begins to look and feel different for us.  When we find the things we are grateful for in a situation, it lightens the situation and us.  When we stop looking at, and paying attention to, the things we do not enjoy about a situation – we are open to see the beauty.

We can stop looking at everything through our past experiences and start to see with fresh eyes – with a fresh heart.