Are we warm and welcoming to those we love?  Or do we just want to be left alone?  If you are living as part of a family and you want to continue to live as part of a family – it is important to treat your housemates with respect, kindness and love.  It is important to be understanding, compassionate and helpful.

The way we behave is mirrored in the people around us.  When we are behaving in ways that are less than loving, we see less than loving behavior reflected back to us.  When we are warm and welcoming, we see that instead.

 If all you are seeing is disrespect and unhelpful behavior around you – ask yourself how you are acting in return.  You can be the one to make the change.  You can be the one who turns the whole thing around.  Show respect to get respect – even if it does not happen overnight.  Show love to get love.

It is important to treat others how we want to be treated.