There are many ways that life asks us to be in competition with one another.  When we are hunting for anything, like a new house – we feel we are competing with others.  Often the world asks us to compete, like when we are looking for a job.  It can become such a part of our lives that we even think we are competing for parking spaces.  We compete when we play games – from checkers to football.  Competition seems to be a way of life.

If it is a competition – someone has to lose.

Losing is sad.  We do not want to be losers.  Why do we not mind others feeling this way?  How is our victory so important that we do not mind when others feel pain?

If we must compete – how about if we just compete with ourselves?  How about if we just try to be better than we were yesterday?  How about if we begin to look at life like a cooperative endeavor.  We all have our strengths and when we are all using them, we can all feel like winners.

Look at the way you compete for things in your own life.  Be conscious of what we can all do together.  Give up that parking space when you can. The walk feels really good when we know we are helping others to win.