When we are serving our highest purpose in life – when we are living from a place of love and peace – we are in alignment.  Things work.  Our lives feel complete and we feel joy.  We feel a deep sense of inner peace.

The first thing we have to know to align ourselves is – what is our highest purpose?  We can find our highest purpose by thinking about what we have always longed to do.  Our highest purpose can be found in our dreams.  In our hearts.

We cannot get to our highest purpose until we know what it is.  When you think about living in a way you have always wanted to live – how does it look?  How does it feel?  What are you doing?  Where are you going?  Who are you seeing?

It is important to spend time getting to know our dreams very well. It is the first step in living a life that is aligned with our greater good. We can ask ourselves the important questions.