When we do not complete things on our to do lists, we can begin to feel bad about them.  We can even begin to feel bad about ourselves.  The longer our lists go, the more overwhelming they can feel.  The more we feel overwhelmed, the less likely we are to even begin on them.  It is a horrible cycle.

We can only tackle these things one at a time.  It makes no sense to overwhelm ourselves.  We can take it as slowly as we would like to – as long as we keep moving.  Remember that we were the ones who made the lists in the first place.  We can always change the lists if we want to.  Yes, others may not be completely happy with us – but that is okay.  We have lots of choices and choosing to mark an item off of our lists is our business.  It is our list.

Today let’s complete one item on our list.  Whatever we want to do from the list.  Let’s get it started and let’s feel great about it.