We all have our daily errands – things we venture out in the world to do or get.  We have to go to the store.  We have to go to a meeting.  We pick our children up from school.  We go to classes.  Whatever it is that takes us out – we all have something to do out there.

Today let’s do it mindfully.  Before we start out, let’s say a prayer of thankfulness – for a lovely trip to the grocery or garage.  No matter what we do, if we are grateful before – we send out loving energy, before we even get there.  When we send out loving intentions, we can easily focus on finding the best parts of any situation.

We can send out a grateful prayer before we go.  Then we can set an intention to find the joy in the trip.

When we are looking for the joy, we can find all kinds of beautiful things.  A sunny, blue sky or overhearing a father/son conversation that is funny.  We can choose to look for all of the things we can be grateful for and see more of them.