Dandelions are considered a weed where I live.  People try to remove them from their yards.  Still, children pick them and give them to their caregivers.  Children do not understand it is a weed – it is a very bright, fluffy flower.  They give the dandelions out of love.

Now when we are adults, we understand that giving other people weeds is not exactly a social compliment.  But we know that getting a dandelion from a child is just plain love.  We see things differently as we mature, but it is always loving when we look through a child’s eyes.  When we see things from a child’s perspective.

A child’s world is often magical – everything is fresh and new.  Children see things for what they are.

Let’s look at things with a child’s perspective.  Let’s let go of all of the preconditioned ideas we have about things.  Let’s look through a child’s eyes today and see what magic we can find.