1. Take super amazingly great care of yourself.  Make excellent self-care a habit.  Whatever that means to you.

2. If you want something, find a way to give it to yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to give it to you.

3. Do not accept any negative viewpoints of others about you. Let others have their opinions, but don’t accept them as true.

4. Say nice things to yourself. Right now. Think of one nice thing to say to yourself and say it.

5. Accept all of you. Especially the parts that don’t feel like they deserve it. Give them some extra love.

6. Follow through. When you tell yourself you are going to do something, do it.

7. Have your own back. Know that everything is okay. Everything is always working out.

8. Don’t judge yourself as “wrong” or “right.”  Know that everything you are is okay.

9. Forgive yourself right now. What is something you feel bad about doing? Forgive yourself now.

10. Stand firmly in yourself. Give yourself the love you have always wanted. In fact, lavish love on yourself. Follow your heart.