How much time do we spend hiding our light?  We hide it because we think others may not be comfortable with who we really are.  We hide it because we are afraid we will not be accepted.  We have so many reasons for hiding our light.  It usually has something to do with fitting in.

But the world needs every single one of us expressing ourselves as we really are.  When we are expressing ourselves, we are sharing our gifts.  When we are expressing ourselves and shining our light, we are living our truth – and that is very freeing.

Have you ever been around someone who you felt like you could totally be yourself with?  That wonderful someone who accepts you for all you are – quirks and all.  In fact, they love you even more for all of the little things that make you – you.  That is a deep feeling of freedom.

You can be that wonderful someone for yourself and accept all of you.  In fact, you can love yourself even more for all of the little things that make you – you.  You can give yourself the freedom to be you by accepting yourself as you are right now.

And if someone has a problem with your light, that is okay.  It is their deal – really, not yours.  Your mission is to express yourself and share your gifts.