The Gifts In A “Mistake”

Let’s consider letting go of the past.  The past is really something we have no control over.  What happened, happened.  It will always be there.  But we can change the way we see it.  We can change the way we remember it.  We can learn from it and accept the gifts from it.

Let’s start with something easy.  Something we did as a small child and still feel bad about.  We all make what we think are “mistakes” as we grow up and mature.  Maybe you sassed your aunt.  Maybe you tripped a friend.  Maybe you took something that did not belong to you.  Whatever it was – let’s begin there.

It happened and you cannot change it.  If you still feel bad about it, remember that you were young.  Remember that you were still learning.  Think about the lesson you learned from that situation.  Now look back at it with a compassionate heart.  If you could speak to that child, what loving advice would you give?

Every single one of us is human with our own lessons to learn and things to experience.  What we think of as “mistakes” are our way of learning – our way of collecting information about the world.  We can choose to be kind and loving toward ourselves – even when we feel we have done something “wrong.”

We can release ourselves from our pasts when we accept the gifts in our “mistakes.”  If we sassed our aunt, we learned that was not kind and appropriate behavior.  If we tripped a friend, we learned that it hurts us to hurt others.  If we took something that did not belong to us, we learned that earning our things is important and makes them more valuable.  For each “mistake” there is a nugget of wisdom.  That is the gift.  When we accept the gift and learn from it, we can move on.

It is a good, healthy thing to let go of our past.  It is a loving thing to forgive ourselves.  Until we do, we can stay stuck.  Accept the gifts and let it go.

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