Give Your Brain An Adventure

We can spend some time learning about something this weekend.  What have we always wanted to know more about?  Astronomy?  Astrology?  Painting, cooking, sewing, woodwork, interior design – how to play an instrument?  There are so many things we do not know.

Learning something new is like an adventure for our brains.

The internet is a wonderful place to start.  Libraries and classes are great too.  Check your local newspaper for events around what you are interested in learning about.  Find an expert and ask lots of questions.

Have some fun expanding your knowledge this weekend.

One comment

  1. I am always trying to give my brain an adventure🤗. It feels so good to learn something new. Lately l have been reading up on intuition and I’m amazed and my brain is getting excited 💞. Thank you for the reminder 🌻

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