Fear has a place in our lives.  It is intended to keep us safe and away from harm.  But we feel fear in situations where there is no apparent danger.  Somehow we have learned to take a valuable emotion and use it in not so valuable ways.

We can get stuck in fear when there is no basis for it.  That can lead to panic attacks and a distrust of life in general.  When we hold onto our fears, we make obstacles for ourselves.  We create a cycle of fear that never ends.

Look around the next time you feel fear.  Is there any danger around?  If so, get safe.  If not, look into the fear. It is safe for us to explore our feelings.  It is safe to step away from the fear.  We are not our fears.  When we feel like fear is just a part of who we are – it can be very challenging to overcome it.  We can safely separate ourselves from our fears.

It is okay to feel fear.  It is not helpful to continue to feel it when there is no danger around.  It is okay to question our fears.  It is okay to let go of what is not helpful.