Abundance is a state of mind.  It is not necessarily how much stuff we have – or how much money we have.

There are people who have very little, who gratefully feel abundant.  There are people who have tons of stuff and feel a lack in their lives.  Abundance is not about how many things we have acquired or how big our bank accounts are.

Abundance is different for everyone.  For some people abundance is manifested in a beautiful view, or a wonderful meal with family and friends.  For some people it is a great career or a new adventure.  We feel abundant when we are following our dreams.  We feel abundant when we choose to do what we love.

Abundance is knowing that we have more than enough right now, in this very moment.  It is understanding that the world is an abundant place to live.  When we realize that we are free to choose an abundant mindset, we can go after what we want.  And then we can be grateful for it when it shows up in our lives.