Less than loving, less than helpful thoughts can be persistent when we are first trying to let them go.  They may have become like habits for us.  We seem to have them automatically.  Sometimes they just seem to be around all the time.

But we can switch them up.  Every time we notice we are having a less than wonderful thought about ourselves or anything, we can purposely let it go and replace it with a more loving thought.

We learned these less than loving thoughts somewhere.  We can learn more loving thoughts now.

It is good to have some back up when we are doing this.  We can choose several phrases to help us.  Then when we notice the less than loving thought, we can repeat it several times right away.  This helps us reprogram those habitual thoughts.

If our less than loving thought is, “I can’t do this. I’m no good at this.”  We can replace it with, “I am totally capable.”

We can write these replacement thoughts down and keep them handy.  We can give ourselves back up when we are letting go this way.