How Do You Handle Things That Happen

Little and big things that we do not enjoy happen in our lives.  It is a part of life.  Even when we are living our dreams and doing just what we were put here to do.  Things happen and none of us are immune.

How we experience them – think and feel about them – and then process these less than loving events is what makes the difference.

We can change how we experience them by staying open; not taking things personally; and knowing that it will not last forever.

Staying open means having an open mind to what happens.  It means looking for the love in all events, even when we cannot find it right away.  Staying open means looking for the learning opportunities.  It means searching for moments to be grateful for.  It means that we make the best of any less than loving situation.

Not taking things personally is very important.  This means that we know that when less than wonderful things happen, it is NOT our fault.  This does not mean that if we played a less than loving role that we do not take responsibility for it.  We all stumble and flail at times.  We can fess up to what we have done and still be okay.  We can still love ourselves.  But not taking things personally means that we know we are not the cause of all the world’s grief.  We know that we are doing our best here.  While we take responsibility for our role, we do not have to take responsibility for all of the less than loving things that happen in the world.

Knowing that it will not last forever is the key to peace.  Nothing lasts forever here on earth.  Life and emotions are fluid – they move.  This too shall pass.  And when it does pass, we can let go of it.  We do not have to hold those less than loving memories of things at were less than wonderful that happened in grade school, our first jobs, or even what happened yesterday.  If we are at peace, we can let these things flow on through.  We do not have to rehash them and relive them.  We can let them go whenever we are ready.

We can make the best of a less than loving situation.  We can know that we are doing our best in a less than loving situation.  We can understand that we will move beyond the less than loving situation.

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