When we are haunted it is like we are living in the past.  Things from our pasts can pop up at any time when we have not fully resolved them, fully accepted them and moved beyond them.  We can stop the hauntings by really looking at what happened now.

When we really look at the things we cannot seem to forget, the things that creep up into our minds at odd times, we can take away the emotional impact of them.  We can accept that these things did happen and we are still okay.  We can look at how they have affected us and how they continue to color our experiences in life.

It is really good to explore the things that haunt us.  It can turn ghosts into just sheets on wires.

If the hauntings seem too daunting, there are professional listeners (counselors and life coaches) who can help.  Remember that these things are in the past and can only affect us when we allow them into our consciousness.  It is okay to let them go whenever we are ready.