Start Right Here

Sometimes our dreams can get lost in our daily lives.  Or they may seem to big to take on all at once.  Any time we want to do anything, including making progress toward living our dreams, we can start right where we are and work out from there.

We can start right now, right where we are.  What are the first things we need to do to make this wonderful goal of ours a reality?  We can break down the steps into small, very manageable tasks.

Let’s say that we want to change careers.  We want to be a chef now.  Maybe we have been dreaming about being a chef all of our lives.  Maybe we are very passionate about good food.  We do not only want to be chefs – we want to be Master Chefs.  We want to be the very best we can possibly be, of course.  It is excellent to dream big.

What is the first thing we need?  Training.  We need to learn how.  If this goal is truly important, it is necessary to research and train for it.  So the very first step toward becoming a chef could be online research.  Finding the best school and training programs for ourselves.  One step at a time.  The next step could be making calls – we will have to find funding for our training usually.  Another step.

When we break things down, we make them doable.  Every step is necessary in our journey.  We can enjoy them as we go, but we have to get started.  Start right here.

I love to hear from you!

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