Access Some Inner Stability

We can access our inner stability through meditation and prayer.  When we get quiet and calm, we can hear ourselves.  We can respond instead of react.  We can come from a loving place, rather than a stressed out or fearful place.

Often it is when we least want to meditate that it can help us the most.  When we are all worked up and upset, when we are in emotional pain – we do not feel like we even could sometimes.  But we can.

We can begin to access our inner peace by deep breathing.  Focus there when things feel less than loving.  Just breathe.  As your thoughts come up, just let them go.  Just breathe.

The more we practice, the easier and more graceful this becomes.  The more we access our inner peace, the less stress we feel overall.  Meditation and prayer are very good for our health.

I love to hear from you!

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