Success Is…..

What is success?  Is it about having things, having money, going on expensive vacations, and buying more things?

Success is another one of those experiences that we have to define for ourselves.  We will all define it differently.  Success is what makes our lives feel full and loving.

Success does not have to be about having things.  Success is an experience.  It is not a thing.  We are successful based on our experiences, not our things.  There are many people who have lots of stuff, but do not feel happiness.  Having things does not guarantee success.

Working from our hearts, coming from a place of love, being helpful to others – those are all ways to be successful.

What is success to you?  How would your life look if you were successful?  When you answer those questions, you know what is important to you.  And you know which direction to head next.

I love to hear from you!

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