Find The Time For What You Love

When our schedules get very busy, we can often think about all the things we love to do – but do not feel that we have the time to do them right then.  If we like to go to the park and feed the ducks, we may long to do that while we are running from one thing to the next.

What happens when our schedules calm down?  Do we actually go and do those things?  Do we go to the beach?  Do we go on that hike?  Do we go feed the ducks?  Or do we just go back to busy-ness?

The next time you find yourself longing to do something – find the time.  Stop by the park on your way to work.  Go on a short hike for lunch.  Plan and actually go to the beach on your next day off.

Whatever you long to do – make it a priority.  Find the time.  It energizes the spirit to do what the heart want to do.

One comment

  1. Beautiful day today, isn’t it? I agree with you. We should always try to do the things that we want to do. We have to learn to let go of work sometimes and just live. Thanks for the reminder.


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