What Are You Asking For?

We get more of whatever we are focused on.  We get more of whatever we believe we can get.

When we ask for something, there is someplace inside of us that believes we could actually have it.  But if we do not believe we are deserving of it, our beliefs will conflict and nothing will show up.

But when we ask for something and really believe we can have it – it will show up.  Maybe not in exactly the form we asked for – maybe it will be even better.  But it will show up if we believe.

What are you asking for today?  Is it what you really want?  Do you really believe you can have it?  Do you believe you are deserving of it?

We can clear out our beliefs and see what we are focused on and asking for show up.

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  1. Love this and love your positive perspective! I’m doing a series on healing right now. Hope you’ll check it out! 💙

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