The Relief of Surrender

Something happens that we do not enjoy.  We work through it and come out the other side.  Afterwards, memories of the event that we did not enjoy can still feel haunting.  Until we let it go.

Letting it go can sound easier than it actually feels.  We let go of all of our feelings about the event.  We let go of what we did – the things we felt were “right” and the things we felt were “wrong.”  We let go of what others did.  We let go of everything that happened.

This can be challenging when we still want to hold onto the pain of the event, but know that it is doing us no good.  It can feel difficult when we want to wallow in the injustice of the event.  When we feel that something is not “fair” we can go over and over it.  Even when we know it is getting us no where.

Once we let go, we can move on.  It no longer takes up important brain space.  It no longer affects our spirits.  We can step out of it and into a whole new adventure when we let go.  We can make time for more loving things to show up in our lives when we let go of past pain.

We find the joy of surrender is peace when we decide to let go of what does not help us.

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