The Product Of Your Own Imagination

What we dream up, and believe in, will show up in our lives.  If we do not believe in it, it has very little chance of showing up.  If we do believe in it – we will see it.  Whether it is loving or less than loving.  We will see it.

It is a good thing to explore what we believe.  If we believe that life is wonderful – we will see more wonderful.  If we believe life is a hassle – we see more hassle.  If we want more love in our lives, our beliefs is a great place to begin.

When we find a less than loving belief – like, life is hard and we have to work very hard – we can explore it.  Where did it come from?  Most of our beliefs come from our early childhood.  Often they come from well intentioned caregivers when we are young.  We can ask ourselves – Does it have to be true?  Could it be any other way?  How can we make it different for ourselves?

Once we explore our beliefs and discover where they came from, we can decide for ourselves if we want to accept them and live them in our own lives.

I love to hear from you!

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