Feeling A Little Awkward?

Almost all of us feel awkward at times.  We may feel like we do not fit in with those around us.  We may feel clumsy or out of place.  We may feel like we are not somehow as “good” as other people.  We may feel like the way we look is not right.  Feeling awkward is feeling uncomfortable with something about ourselves.  It is feeling like we do not fit in.

We have feelings of awkwardness for many reasons.  Many times we have been told there is something about ourselves that does not fit in.  Sometimes it is just a feeling we have when we look around.

When we feel awkward we are comparing ourselves to others.

We are all very unique, individual human beings.  No one is exactly like anyone.  It is part of the beauty of being human.

The next time you feel awkward, think about what you are comparing to others.  Remember that you cannot possibly be like everyone else – and that is perfectly okay.  It is a beautiful thing to have so many perfectly unique people in the world.

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